What would you say about the Lodge to someone who is thinking about moving in?

“I’ve been here 10 years this is my home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else” -Josette

“There’s no place I’d rather be this is my home” – Mae

“It’s a great place to be” – Dan

“I feel the lodge is the best place to be” – Vivian

“I would tell anyone to get here as soon as they can” – Glen

“Prepare yourself mentally and physically for a total change in life, this is a great location” – Mary

What would be the one word you would use to describe the lodge?

“Beautiful” -Josette
“Home” – Mae
“Excellent” – Dan
“Excellent” – Irene
“Awesome” – Ken
“Comfortable” – Mary

How do you feel about the staff at the lodge?

The staff are all very nice and helpful” – Josette

The staff are a team and you can see how well they all work together” – Mae

“Friendly, helpful, pleasant and kind” – Dan

“Very accommodating, you know they care, I feel better about being here because of them, I wouldn’t replace one of them” – Irene

“I love them all, they are all very good to me” – Ken

“The staff make you feel immediately at home, your questions are answered, and you sure feel like someone is always there to lend a helping hand” – Mary

Dining Experience and Meals

“The meals are perfect I always get what I like” – Josette  

“The meals are just wonderful they look after all my needs” – Mae

I look forward to dining with my friends in the dining room, the meals are nutritious and delicious.” – Ken 

“I really like that there are always two choices, there is always something I love, the desserts are home made and always a real treat.” – Irene